Starting or Growing Your Business?

Whether you are starting a new business or looking to grow your existing your existing business, you will require the right advice and assistance of an expert business advisor who is willing and able to partner with you and help to maximise your success.

Our comprehensive range of Business Advisory Service includes (but are not limited to) providing advice on a number of key areas such as:

  • Strategic Planning;
  • Competitor and Risk Analysis ;
  • Market Identification;
  • Production and Distribution Analysis; and
  • Cash Flow Forecasting.


Strategic Planning Advice

When providing strategic planning advice our specialist business advisors will look at your business holistically (i.e. its processes and policies), rather than merely focus on specific components such as your business's budgets and cash flows.

At Singh Accountants, we understand that one size does not fit all businesses. With this in mind, our specialist business advisors will provide you with specialist knowledge and objective advice to help your business meet its full potential. This involves working closely with you to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your business and the industry it is in;
  • Assess your business's strengths and weaknesses; and
  • Identify its opportunities and threats;


Our recommendations to you will be based on personal attention combined with flexible and customised strategies that can help you improve your business's performance.


Market Identification Advice

First and foremost, our specialist business advisors will look at the business goals you have set for your business and they will also guide you through the process of analysing the products or services your business is offering.

At the time of providing business advice, they will get you to think about a number of relevant questions such as:

  • How does your business differ from other businesses in your industry (i.e. what makes your business stand out?
  • Who might be interested and who may benefit from having access to what your business is offering?
  • What do you need to know about your potential customers or clients in order to reach them?


Remember: Do not think about who you would like to sell to, instead think about who is looking for your products or services.


Competition and Risk Analysis

Our specialist business advisors will work with you to conduct and prepare an in-depth investigation and analysis of your competition.

This process allows you to:

  • Assess your competitor's strengths, and weaknesses in your marketplace, and
  • Choose and implement effective business strategies that will improve your competitive advantage.


Production and Distribution Analysis

Our specialist business advisors will work with you to identify the products or services and the customers or clients that drive your Business's revenue growth and profitability.


Cash Flow Forecasting

Our specialist business advisors will provide you with the required guidance you need to enable you to put yourself in the strongest position to achieving your business goals by managing and planning your business's cash flow also referred to as cash flow forecasting.

Cash flow forecasting is an  important business tool to use. It lets you know how you manage your business's cash flow.  For example, it will tell you:

  • If you have enough cash to run your business or to expand your business; and
  • If more cash is going out of your business than coming in.



If you are unsure about which way your business is going or should go then you should consider seeking specialist business advice.

Our team of specialist business advisors have expertise in several fields of business and can assist you to put in place systems and processes that will enable you to:

  • Have a better understanding of your business and its objectives;
  • Achieve your business goals and improve the performance of your business;
  • Proactively identify problems that need to be managed and planned for;
  • Receive information about your business that is relevant to your decision-making;
  • Develop forward plans to help you in steering a clear course for the future direction of your business;
  • Undertake business health checks and diagnostics on your business;
  • Develop a business plan and strategies, giving your business direction and focus; and
  • Conduct market research and identify target markets through demographic analysis.