Sales & Marketing Strategies

Difference between Sales and Marketing Strategies

How a business or organisation wants to sell its “products” and “services” and how it identifies its “target market, will depend on:

  • How well it plans for results; and
  • If it adopts a strategic approach to its sales and marketing strategies.
Difference between Sales and Marketing Strategies

Interestingly, sales and marketing strategies are not identical. For example:

Your business or organisation can use sales strategies to help:

  • Sell its products or services
  • Increase its revenues and reduce its costs
  • Increase its client/customer satisfaction
  • Identify how to close sales


 Your business or organisation can use marketing strategies to help:


  • Identify its target markets
  • Create strategies for reaching its customers/clients
  • Get its name out in the marketplace and tempting new customers/clients or even rekindling their interest.
Singh Accountants will work with you to ensure your sales and marketing strategies are:

  • Working towards supporting your “mission statement” and realising your stated goals and objectives; and
  • Based on meeting the needs of your existing and future customers/clients .
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