Organisational Change Management

How does Change Occur?

It is common for businesses and organisations of all types to be constantly engaged in the process of Organisational Change and it is also common that when changes occur, they will require businesses and organisations to realign and transform themselves.

How does Change Occur?

You will find yourself having to realign and transform yourself when you are placed in any of the following situations. For example:

  • Changes to your Systems
  • Changes to your Products
  • Changing your Location
  • Changes to your Processes

Who will Change Affect?

Change will affect your people, your suppliers and your customers/clients. It is important to remember that the change you set out to achieve is more likely to succeed if you ensure that:

  • Your people are able to work in new ways;
  • Your people are able to sell new products or services;
  • Your people are able to use new systems, processes or technology; and
  • Your suppliers and customers/clients are ready for the new way you will be doing business.
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