What We Do

Singh Accountants is a business and management consulting firm, that will help your business or organisation realise its full potential, by assisting you in developing and implementing strategies that can help your business or organisation grow.

Business Plan

Whether you are in a consumer type retail, wholesale, and/or a service business you can benefit from the preparation of a properly written business plan.

Business Statistics

Learning the business statistics of your business or company can help you and your senior managers make important decisions, which can have an impact on the future of your business or company.

Business Start-Up

Starting-up a new business, will require you having to devote a lot of time and energy to build it into a successful enterprise.

Business Strategy

The most effective business strategy will deliver insights beyond the current and future environment

Project Management

Project Management can be defined as being a sequence of steps or a number of disciplines required to be completed by the working/project team.

Sales & Marketing Strategies

How a business or organisation wants to sell its “products” and “services” and how it identifies its “target market, will depend on how well it plans for results

Organisational Change Management

Change will affect your people, your suppliers and your customers/clients.

KPIs and Continuous Improvement

To assist you in defining and measuring the goals and objectives of your business or organisation, you could consider introducing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)as an effective measurement tool.

Strategic Financial Management Plan

The financial section of a business plan forms a large part of the plan for any business or organisation

Staff Incentive Programs

Staff incentives can play a big part in both succession planning and in the retention of key employees.

Business Plan Template

Download our no obligation Business Plan Template