Sathish Baskaran


Sathish Baskaran

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Sathish has Bachelor of Computer Science, Master of Computer Application; he is Mircosoft solution developer and Agile/Scrum Consultant.

He is a senior software technical engineer; he engages in contributing to the production of the software required for the operation of the accelerator complex and their experimental zones. As a senior software engineer, he takes responsibility for the definition and management of the goals and scope of initiatives, analysis, design, implementation, documentation, validation and deployment of individual modules according to users’ needs and schedule.

Contribute actively to the improvement of software engineering practices in the IT industry, applying agreed software quality standards to all phases of the development cycle, such as code quality, unit test coverage and documentation.

A quality-oriented attitude, with experience applying software quality assurance techniques (code reviews, unit testing, continuous integration), and practice with corresponding tools. Application support: investigating and resolving issues; monitoring system performance.