Frank Zelasko

Frank Zelasko

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Frank is a “Fellow” of the Institute of Public Accountants and he has been a continuous member of the institute since 1976.

Frank is mature aged and is now retired, after spending 50 years of his working life working in the finance and accounting industry. Interestingly, he spent 44 of those years working in the Westpac Group in various management roles.

The highlight of Frank’s career was being appointed as an Audit Manager at St George Bank responsible for auditing the Institutional and Business Banking division, which took him to every state and territory in Australia.

Frank enjoys passing on his vast knowledge and experience to interested finance and accounting minded persons.He also has the ability to make something that sounds technical to be easily understandable to the ordinary everyday individual.

Since Frank’s retirement from the Westpac Group, he now enjoys spending more of his time with his family, which includes his wife, six grandchildren and his three grown up children.