Tips for Buying Your Own Pharmacy

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Being a pharmacy professional, your ultimate goal would be to buy your first pharmacy business. It will give you the freedom and responsibility you have been working towards achieving, while at the same time enabling you to bring together your interests such as: Your interest in the health and well-being of people; Your interest in[…]

Buying a Service Station

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Do you want to buy a “service station” and run it as a successful business? Buying a service station (sometimes referred to as a petrol, fuel or gas station), is a very significant commercial investment. In addition to the usual challenges that come with buying a business you will find that  service stations come with[…]

Buying a Business

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When buying a business (or the land and business), it is important that you consider looking for a business that will give you the opportunity to make the business more productive and more profitable, rather than purely purchasing the business to buy yourself a job. Here is a list of some other things you should[…]