Tips for Buying Your Own Pharmacy

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Being a pharmacy professional, your ultimate goal would be to buy your first pharmacy business. It will give you the freedom and responsibility you have been working towards achieving, while at the same time enabling you to bring together your interests such as: Your interest in the health and well-being of people; Your interest in[…]

A guide to Assessing and Reviewing your Core Activities!

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Whether you are the owner-manager or a business manager working in consumer retail or wholesale, a service business, in manufacturing, or building and construction your objective should be to evaluate, assess, measure, and review the progress and performance of your business. This involves asking yourself a number of questions such as: Is your business’s performance[…]


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Many small business owners, find after completing the task of reviewing their business’s  strategy that they have identified a specific product or service requiring further development. When seeking the required professional business advice in order to get the desired result for their business, they are advised to implement a suitable project management strategy. The fact[…]


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Don’t let working “in” your business get you bogged down, and don’t put the important task of reviewing your business strategy into your too hard basket! Take some time today to step back and “look” at your business. Looking at your business’s future and developing a strategy might be the best thing you can do,[…]


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Finding the Right Business Advisor to Partner with   Getting professional business advice is vitally important to any business or organisation. Likewise, it is equally important to find the right business advisory services firm to partner with. In the light of the fact, you are reading this article. It is reasonable to assume,  you are […]


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What is the difference? When looking to receive the right professional advice, many business owners and key managers are often confused with the following terminologies used: Financial Management Planning advice; and “Strategic” Financial Management Planning This Blog is prepared to help you quickly and easily understand that there is a difference. Listed here is a[…]


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If you are reading this article, the odds are you are either a business owner or you are employed in a key management role. Coupled with your responsibilities of running your business or managing an organisation, you are responsible for planning business budgets.For a wide variety of reasons, costs and revenue can come in higher[…]

Continuous Improvement

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Continuous improvement (CI),  also often called a continual improvement process (CIP), is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. These efforts can seek “incremental” improvement over time or “breakthrough” improvement all at once. A broader definition is that of the Institute of Quality Assurance who defined “continuous improvement as a gradual never-ending change which is: ‘… focused[…]