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At Singh Accountants, we offer a broad range of business and management consulting services to help your business or organisation. Our professionally qualified accountant understands through practical experience the realism of running a business.

If you are starting-up a new business or even if you are an existing business owner/key executive wanting to grow your business, we will partner with you, to offer sound practical hands-on support that will help you run your business or organisation more effectively.

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A Global Business and Management Consulting Firm

Singh Accountants is an Australia based business and management consulting firm operating globally. We offer our expertise through a combination of our internal resources and established international associate model. Our extensive worldwide network gives us the opportunity to work closely with leading companies, organisations and government agencies spread globally across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, continental Europe, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Pacific and New Guinea.

Why Us

We are willing and able to offer sound practical and professional advice that really works( not just complex theories). However, before we begin to offer you any advice, we will  start by, identifying and understanding your business's or organisation's "goals" and "objectives".

This will involve asking you some critical questions about your business or organisation, for example:

  • What in fact, is your businesse's or organisation's "mission statement" as well as, your "vision" or "dream" for your business or organisation? and
  • Have you adopted an effective "business strategy" that in fact, determines the direction of your business or organisation?


and more ...

In addition to the above, our business and management consulting services will:

  • Formulate suitable plans that will help in determining how to successfully manage your strategies, tactics and action plans.
  • Ensure your sales and marketing strategies are based on meeting the needs of your existing and future clients/customers.
  • Ensure your KPIs are clearly understood, and that the actions for continuous improvement are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound
  • Help you achieve all the specific goals within given project management constraints; and
  • Help you in choosing the appropriate business structure when starting-up a new business.


Drop Us A Line And We Will Call You Back

We can and we will …

We will help answer your most complex strategic questions

We will help deliver results of projects that are critical to the success of your business or organisation.

We will combine research, bold thinking and financial analysis to help deliver efficient service to you and your business.

We will ensure your business or organisation is achieving its optimal performance and reaching its full potential.

We will engage with you as the stakeholder to recognise the approach taken in shaping the success of your projects

We will convert your strategic imperatives into an actionable, realistic business plan, supported by aligned KPIs and reporting.

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